Enviromental Policies

Rextec accepts the fundamental principle that all companies and individuals have an  undeniable responsibility to protect the environment, its staff and customer’s staff.

Rextec staff are required to adhere to relevant regulations with regard to disposal of waste components and materials.

–       Waste oil

–       Oil contaminated components and waste

–       Batteries

–       Fluorescent Tubes

–       Redundant computers

–       WEE Components

A renewable energy programme is in place.

Carbon Emission offsetting will be introduced at the earliest opportunity.

Recycling will be carried out at every opportunity, of office, workshop and site waste.

Energy saving lighting and appliances within offices and workshop has been specified.

Company vehicles will be driven in manner which is not only, safe and polite to other road users, but also in an economical manner.

Bio Diesel will be used whenever available.

Rextec will provide all necessary facilities and training to enable the above points to be complied with.